Photography for me is not only a profession, it is my passion. Stories by Suzie is not merely about storytelling. With all my heart, I try to convey every meaningful look or touch so that the captured emotions become a fairy tale in image sequences.


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Christmas is the best part of the year. When summer is over I can't wait for Christmas…



The biggest and most beautiful adventure of our lives is a child. From the moment…



I think everyone agrees with me that our wedding day is one of the most important…



Even though we spend most of our time with our family, we don't really have great…



I love capturing a pure human gaze, a mischievous grin, great joy, or proud and optimistic…



Our lives are about constant rush. Let's slow down a bit and enjoy the things we…



Some Christmas Cheer

December 14, 2021


September 28, 2021


Oh, those summer nights...

June 06, 2021

Do you remember the time when you had a best friend you thought you'd never be able…


Would you like to win a 30 minute…

November 01, 2020

Would you like to win a 30 minute photo session in Vienna? What type of photo session…


Wedding photo shoot in a studio…

September 18, 2020

Why is it good to have an indoor (studio) wedding photoshoot? 




Visszatérő kuncsaftok vagyunk Zsuzsinal, és a kötetlen jó hangulatú együttlétek után az észrevétlenül elkészült képekben gyönyörködünk, örömködünk, amiket Zsuzsi a legnagyobb precizitással es hihetetlen sebességgel készít el.
Zita and Tomi
We had a great experience during the photo shoot! Suzie managed the little models with great patience, kindness and professionalism. Thank you for the fantastic pictures!
Nóri and family
Eddig két fotózáson voltunk Zsuzsinál. Mindkettő nagyon jó élmény volt. Észre se vettük, hogy pózolni kellene, beszélgettünk, nevettünk, néha a lencsébe mosolyogtunk. Természetesek lettek a képek. Zsuzsi arra is figyel, hogy érzelmek is megmutatkozzanak, ne csak rideg beállítások legyenek. A kisfiam tekintete, vagy ahogy puszit ad nekünk olyan pillanatok, amit mindig jó lesz visszanézni.
Szilvi and Iván


 Zsuzsanna Lábó-Lisku
Behind the camera
Zsuzsanna Lábó-Lisku (Suzie)

Where I work
Family sessions: Vienna (Klosterneuburg), Budapest areas
Larger events: Austria, Hungary
When to call
Monday - Saturday: 9 AM - 6 PM

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